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Castle’s Archaeology Field School

(From The Marietta Times // by Peyton Neely)

Learning about the people that once made Marietta their home was the focus of the Kids’ Archaeology Camp at The Castle in Marietta this week.

Several young, eager archaeologists dug their way through the dirt Wednesday, discovering pieces of pottery, glass and other artifacts that were used by the people who called that area home.

All the kids have been really focused on carefully taking the dirt down and finding things in the soil,”said Wesley Clarke, archaeologist and manager of collections for The Castle.

They’ve found a lot of refined china that would have been from England and used in the home in the early 1800s. They’re also finding pieces of coal and pieces of pottery that are believed to be from 1808 which was the start of the first major industry in the area.

- Wesley Clarke, archaeologist and manager of collections for The Castle

This is the fifth year for the camp and although this year had a smaller group of only four students, Clarke said that he hasn’t minded it.

Each kid has done a wonderful job and I’m really impressed with this group,” he said.

Jenna Jackson, 11, of Marietta, said she enjoyed the digging aspect of the camp. She was the only girl among at camp but that didn’t stop her from getting down in the dirt.

This is my first year and I’ve had a lot of fun,” she said. I’ve learned that at one time there were Native Americans here. Also, that an archaeologist digs for artifacts and a paleontologist digs for dinosaur bones.

Clayton Coe, 12, of Fleming, liked the camp so much last year that he wanted to do it again this year.

It’s so neat finding really old stuff and I have a good eye for it. I learn about the things I find and what kind of people lived here long before I did. Nathaniel Clark was one of the first potters in the area and now I’m digging up what might be his pottery.

- Clayton Coe, 12, of Fleming

From across the river, Parkersburg resident VJ Post, 12, said he mostly enjoyed getting his hands dirty.

We’ve found a lot of salt-glazed pottery this week,” he said. I guess they used to sprinkle the salt on it then bake it in the oven.

Learning about everything that is dug up was 12-year-old Henry Porter’s favorite part.

I learn about the things I find which is cool,” said the Marietta resident.

This is just part one of the archaeologist camps offered by The Castle. Archaeology Field Day is offered for high school students up to adults. This camp runs from July 31 through Aug. 1 and it’s in the evening. The camp costs $50 per person and people can register and find out more information by called The Castle at 740-373-4180.