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Welcome to The Castle’s home for online virtual content! Here you’ll find recordings of our engaging educational programs available for you to watch at your leisure. Topics covered range from local history talks, recorded food history cooking classes, and hands-on activities. These videos are suitable for history buffs of all ages.

Browse our recorded educational content by clicking on each video to read a full description. Our videos are available to view through our website via online donation. For ease of access, follow the prompts detailed below.

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Please follow these prompts to purchase videos from Virtual History Central:

  1. Select the video(s) that you would like to purchase by clicking “Premium Content.” You’ll be taken to the product description page where you can learn more about each video.
  2. Next, enter in the level of donation you’d like to make to purchase the video. (Suggested donations are $10 per video.) To finalize the purchase click “Add to Cart” where you’ll then be taken to your cart.
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    1. If you are a member, you’ll need to enter coupon code “castlemember” into the text field on the left of the “Apply Coupon” button. Next, click the “Apply Coupon” button. You should then see your discount applied to give you free access to this video.
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  7. Next, you’ll be taken to your receipt page. At the very top, click the “View” button next to the name of the video you purchased. This will take you to the “Products” page where you can watch your video content.”

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