Renovations at The Castle

State Preservation Clinic Coming to Marietta

(From The Marietta Times // by Erin E. O’Neill)A state preservation clinic coming to The Castle on June 8 gives new meaning to the phrase, “is there a doctor in the house?”The Ohio History Connection’s Building Doctors will be in Marietta to teach owners and trustees of older buildings how to

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Food History: Nifty 50s in Norwood

(From Clutch MOV // by Rebecca Rhodes)Clear the clutter, arrange the pillows, comb the children’s hair and most importantly, have dinner ready. This is just a small list detailing the ways a wife should act and be the best partner and mother. Of course, this is according to a 1955

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Favorite Recipes of 1959

(From The Marietta Times // by Janelle Patterson)Stepping back in time for a taste of history Monday, 40 local residents enjoyed foods that were popular post-World War II courtesy of The Castle’s food history program: The Nifty Fifties.“You can see through this cookbook how Marietta was influenced by what was

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