Telling the Story of Marietta

The Castle invites you to discover the history of Marietta and its role in shaping the story of a nation.

The Castle Exterior

The Castle Museum has created an environment that immerses our guests in the rich history of Marietta and the Mid-Ohio Valley. We believe when history is saved, preserved, and shared, it serves as the foundation of a strong, vibrant community. We embrace our role as stewards of the grounds, buildings, artifacts, documents, and stories that create The Castle's legacy.

Tours of The Castle are available April through December, but we provide a full calendar of history-related events throughout the year. Archaeology digs, themed house tours, food history dinners, cemetery tours, and summer history camps are among the many programs we offer. New and exciting programs are developed each year to continue to tell the story of our past.

We invite you to visit and connect to the historical legacy of The Castle and our community.

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Our mission, vision, and beliefs

Our Vision

The Castle will honor its own rich past within the Marietta, Ohio community while pursuing a vibrant future. We will operate with creativity and inclusivity to be a resource for the diverse community we serve and a fulfilling place to work, volunteer, and learn.

Our Mission

Through our historic property, distinctive collections, and dynamic educational programs, The Castle invites a diverse audience to discuss the story of the Marietta, Ohio community and its role in shaping the past, present, and future of our region, state, nation, and world.

Our Beliefs

History is Dynamic
We believe history is more than memorizing and reciting facts from the past. Real history is a dynamic process that challenges us to think critically and grapple with difficult questions. We invite our visitors to join us as students of history by:

  • Considering how life in our community has changed over time.
  • Reflecting on the specific contexts in which our predecessors were living and how this might have impacted their beliefs and actions.
  • Evaluating how multiple factors may have shaped past events in our community.
  • Examining how change in a single condition or multiple conditions might have changed an entire historical outcome.
  • Addressing the complexity of the people and events that reside in the past.

History is Accessible
We believe history is about everyone and for everyone. History cultivates our personal and collective identity as we discover the stories of our families, communities, and nations. We embrace the rich history of residents, workers, neighbors, and friends who walked these grounds, and we strive to share their stories with dignity and authenticity. We design programs, events, and activities to create accessible learning and social environments for all peoples.

History is Relevant
We believe history informs our understanding of our communities, our nations, and our world – past, present, and future. As we explore our collective story, we transform places into communities, and by weaving history into discussions about current affairs, we clarify differing perspectives and create shared understanding. We examine the role of the Marietta community in shaping our region, state, nation, and world, and we look to the stories of the past to help us identify the values and ideals that will guide us toward our desired future.

History is Stewardship
We believe history, when saved, preserved, and shared, is the foundation of strong, vibrant communities. We embrace our role as stewards of the grounds, buildings, artifacts, documents, images, and stories that create The Castle’s legacy.


Our Board of Directors

Connie Brady
Jenna Burns
Judy Calvert
Joyce Ditchendorf (Past President)
Carol Garoza
Jean Leeper
Linda Lockhart
Sarah Long
Lynn Lowe
Judy Phillips
Susan Rauch
Judy Segall (Treasurer)
Carol Steinhagen (Secretary)
Kristen Stone (President)
Bob Walker

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