Virtual Solstice Watch

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Enjoy this recording of The Castle’s archaeologist Wes Clarke presenting the 2021 Solstice Watch recorded December 21 4pm on site at Sacra Via Park. One function of the large earthwork complexes, such as the one found at Marietta, was to track the passage of seasons through astronomical observations. Aligned along the parallel walls of “Sacra Via” is the winter solstice sunset. Unfortunately, the weather for this year’s event was uncooperatively rainy and cloud covered not allowing viewers to see the sunset. However, Wes has provided a detailed and educational presentation discussing the astronomical alignments of Marietta’s mound structures.

About the speaker: Wes Clarke is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with over 45 years’ experience conducting research in the American Midwest and in Southeast Asia. He has particular interest in early historic pottery, Ohio art history, the history of pioneer Ohio, and early state development in Southeast Asia, and has published numerous articles on these topics. He is currently in the seventh season of excavations on the historic Clark family pottery site at The Castle Museum, where he works as the Manager of Collections.

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