Virtual Camp: Debate: The Art of a Fact-Based Discourse


Provider: Andrew Mizsak – Government Affairs Consulting Firm of Mizsak, Feinberg, Phillips, Bruckman, and Wade.

In teaching the art of debate, Andrew Mizsak will show campers that being prepared with facts, while also being respectful, oftentimes allows good points to be made and individuals to agree with you. In discussing debate, and the use of the formal language that goes with it, campers will learn how words have meaning and impact… thereby illustrating a point even better. Using proper debate techniques, campers will also begin to understand the ability that one can disagree with another, and it does not have to be a negative experience. The overarching goal of the debate topic is for campers to begin to develop critical thinking skills, where they can take pieces of both (or many) sides, and begin to create their own conclusions based upon the facts presented.

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