Museum Methods: Curating & Exhibits


Providers: Wesley Clarke, Collections Manager & Archaeologist – The Castle & Leslie Wagner, Historian – Dawes Arboretum

During the centennial, displays of historical artifacts drew large crowds. Many of these artifacts were a hundred years old, but sometimes much older. How do you guarantee objects last so long and how do you exhibit them? We’ll answer these questions using a modern take from two museum professionals. Enjoy learning about the thought that goes on behind the scenes at many of your favorite museums with this engaging presentation!

Wesley Clarke is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with training in historiography, art history, and material culture analysis. He has conducted field research in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Thailand, and Cambodia, and is currently excavating the 1808 Clark Pottery site at The Castle Museum.

Leslie Wagner is the Historian at The Dawes Arboretum in Newark. She creates a new exhibit every year from artifacts in The Arboretum’s historic collections. This year, her exhibit will feature clothing of Beman and Bertie Dawes. Leslie has a MA in American Studies from Bowling Green State University.

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