High Fashion: Civilian Ladies Fashion

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In this second class of The Castle’s All Ages Virtual History Camp, you’ll be surprised to learn what it took to simply get dressed everyday living in the 1860s for a woman. Join costumed interpreter Julia wearing the latest in 1860s ladies fashion as she demonstrates and explains the history and purpose behind her clothing. This class was a part of The Castle’s All Ages Virtual History Camp: United & Divided: 1860 – 1870s.

Provider: Julia Dagg

Julia is a Civil War researcher, educator, and living historian. She’s been involved in the living history and reenacting communities for about ten years now. Julia holds a bachelors in History from OSU with interests in textile conservation, historical reproduction, and fashion history. In her undergrad she worked with the OSU costume institute, and volunteered at the Rutherford B Hayes home and museum. Julia’s favorite parts of the hobby are connecting people to their histories and helping people gain practical knowledge and skills that have been lost to time.

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