Creating an Image: How Civil War Photos are Made

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Watch a soldier get his “image struck” and discover the science behind tintype photography by tuning into this live session where you will see a tintype portrait be made in real-time. Artist Drew Tanner will explain the process from start to finish and take your questions while he makes a tintype of our Education Director Kyle Yoho! This class was a part of The Castle’s All Ages Virtual History Camp: United & Divided: 1860 – 1870s.

Provider: Drew Tanner, Tintype Photographer

Drew Tanner is a communications professional whose has worked as a journalist, photographer, arts administrator, and freelance digital media consultant. Equally comfortable in the traditional and digital darkroom, over the past decade, his photography has branched into 19th century historic processes, including the making of ambrotypes, tintypes, glass negatives, ivorytypes and salt printing. His teachers have included both long-time wet-plate photographer John Coffer and Photographic Process Historian Mark Osterman, of the George Eastman Museum. Through these historic processes, Drew engages with photography as a very hands-on, physical medium, rather than digital abstraction. The processes themselves demand that attention and focus on the craftsmanship of the photographic object itself.

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