Civil War Tunes

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When soldiers weren’t busy drilling, they were often listening to and making music. Music played a big part in the life of soldiers. This engaging session will feature a professional musician and historian playing popular Civil War era music, explaining the stories behind each song, and answering your questions! This class was a part of The Castle’s All Ages Virtual History Camp: United & Divided: 1860 – 1870s.

Provider: Brandon Bankes, Owner – Brandon Bankes Productions, LLC.

Brandon Bankes is a Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician, and Educator from Zanesville, Ohio. He holds a BA in Music Production and Audio Engineering from Ohio University, where he is currently an adjunct faculty member and guest lecturer. As the Chief Engineer of Earthwork Recording Studio, Brandon has produced, engineered, mixed, and played on hundreds of notable songs that have ran the Billboard and iTunes charts.

As well as an active Civil War interpreter, Musicologist, and student of History, Brandon is the founding member and mandolin player of the old-time string band “The Wayfarers”. Collectively, The Wayfarers have released 4 studio albums, toured much of midwest and southern Appalachia, have been featured on the PBS series “Song of the Mountains”, and have shared the stage with some of the biggest legends of Bluegrass and Country Music.

Independently, Brandon has traveled across the US, Ireland, Scotland, and Iceland playing traditional American music and studying its earliest musical forms.

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