Crafting Historical Holiday Ornaments

Suggested Price: $10.00


Add to this year’s holiday preparations creating simple, fun decorations of the past! These crafts are a great activity for friends and family, designed especially for kids and enjoyable for all ages. We’ll introduce you to a few easy, but impressive traditional paper holiday ornaments and get you started to making these crafts during this interactive Zoom meeting. Supplies are inexpensive, easy and likely already available in your home. We look forward to you joining us to create a historical holiday tradition from the comfort of your own home!

For this workshop we’ll be making:

Paper chain
Paper “flower” ornament
Paper hanging cornucopia
Pinprick holiday card

Supplies needed for this workshop:

Construction paper in holiday colors or your favorite colors
Cardstock or any thick paper
A thick stack of newspaper or magazines
Scrap paper
Thumbtacks/ Pushpin (Like one used on a bulletin board)
Masking tape
Ribbon or string (Again, choose holiday colors or your favorite)

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