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All Ages History Camp 2024: Ups and Downs 1920 – 1940

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Morning Session: 10am – 11:45am “Influences & Influencers”

Afternoon Session: 1pm – 2:45pm “Hard Times”

In just one day, travel from the boom of the “Roaring 20s” to the hardships of the Great Depression. Whether you are ten, thirty, fifty…or beyond, this fun educational experience is one you won’t want to miss. Activities will cover various topics, including local, state, national, and global events of 1920-1940.

A morning and an afternoon session are available, each offering different content and activities. You can sign up for both at a discounted rate. The morning session includes three classes about influences and influencers of the period. The afternoon session offers three classes about the hard times during those years. In each session, attendees will rotate through all three activities offered.

The featured activities expand on selected favorites from the previous summer’s History Camp for 3rd- 6th graders. This camp is designed to interest all ages!

$30/session; $55/both sessions
Castle members: $25/session; $45/both sessions

Recommended Ages 10+ (This event is for all ages. Our content will be structured for ages 10 and above. Families, friend groups, and all are welcome.)

Reservations required by Tues., Jan. 30. Space is limited.

Continue further down this page for a listing of the classes offered. Please check back for more information and resources.

Reservation Deadline of Tues., Jan. 30 has passed. Please call 740-373-4180 for any inquiries. 


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Morning Session – Influences & Influencers
10am – 11:45am (Arrive by 9:50am)

Ohio’s National Guard






Enlist in Company A! Marietta was home to Company A, 166th Infantry from 1920 to 1940. Campers will learn about the benefits of service in the Ohio National Guard in the 1920s and 30s. Uniforms, equipment, weapons, training, and pay! Plus, campers will explore how Company A helped the citizens of Marietta and Ohio during times of disaster and unrest.

Sergeant First Class Joshua Mann – Historian, Ohio Army National Guard

Sergeant Mann is the Historian for the Ohio Army National Guard (OHARNG), a position he has held since 2005. In addition, he serves as the curator of the OHARNG Historical Collections. He enlisted in 1995 and served in the Scout Platoon of the 1st Battalion, 148th Infantry before assuming his present assignment. He was a member of the Ohio World War I Centennial Committee, the Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, and a working group member of the Ohio Civil War 150 Commission.


Italian Immigration & The Pepperoni Roll





In this activity, we will explore the immigration of Italians to America, and specifically to this region, through food. Campers will learn how pepperoni rolls came to the United States and how to make them. This activity will be led by Marcie Petty whose Italian-American grandfather taught her to make the pepperoni rolls that our campers will make. We’ll also explore why Marcie’s grandfather and many Italian immigrant like him came to America to work in the coal mines, and why they brought pepperoni rolls with them to eat.

Marcie Petty – Castle Staff



Ancient Egypt





Archaeological discoveries in Egypt during the 1920s, and the increasing affordability of travel, led to the revival of a phenomenon called “Egyptomania”. We will briefly explore why folks were going “crazy” over Egyptian culture, and how this manifested itself in the American scene.

Wesley Clarke, Collections Manager & Archaeologist – The Castle

Wesley Clarke is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with training in historiography, art history, and material culture analysis. He has conducted field research in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Thailand, and Cambodia, and is currently excavating the 1808 Clark Pottery site at The Castle Museum.


Afternoon Session – Hard Times
1pm – 2:45pm (Arrive by 12:50pm)

Cooking With Little




In this hands-on cooking activity, campers will have the chance to make a recipe from the Great Depression. This recipe will reflect the make-do attitude many homemakers and families had to share in order to place something on the table. We’ll explore cost effective substitutions to stretch staple ingredients, as well as those that are unaffordable or in short supply.

Kyle Yoho – Education Director, The Castle

Kyle has served as the Education Director for The Castle since 2015 and is an Adjunct Professor of Museum Studies and Food History for Marietta College. He received his BA in History from Marietta College and MA in Public History from Wright State University. Kyle has planned museum public programs for all ages for over 15 years. One of his favorite areas of historical research is food history! He’s taught classes, written recipes, catered meals, and worked with local chefs, foodies, and museums like The Henry Ford to bring interesting food history to life.



Following The 1937 Flood





We’ll look at the 1937 Ohio River flood and learn about its impact here in Marietta and the Ohio River Valley. This was an important event in President Roosevelt’s attempts to use the federal government to respond to natural disasters as part of the New Deal. We’ll use some activities to see how floods impact the environment and ways they can be effectively controlled.

Dr. Matt Young

Dr. Young has been a history professor at Marietta College for 23 years. He enjoys teaching American history, geography and Geographic Information Systems. In his spare time, he likes to go mountain biking on the trails in the area.


Lands, Peoples, And Conflict 1920-1939

Which European lands from this time period can we identify? What tensions among peoples in those lands created conflict? What conflict? Campers will collaborate to discover the answers and learn what came next.

Terri Marlow & David Marlow – Volunteers, The Castle

Terri Marlow is a Castle volunteer, serving as docent and member of the Education Task Force. After 40+ years as a high school Spanish teacher, she now enjoys learning about Marietta and history in general through the many and varied Castle activities: the Teas, Third Thursdays, Cemetery Tours, Day Trips, “Day at the Castle” and History Camp activities.

David is a retired Spanish teacher who has been a docent at the Castle since 2016. When not traveling, shooting and editing photos and composing travel journals, you can find him riding bicycles and leading cycle tours. He is also an avid reader, loves to cook and serve different
ethnic cuisines.