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The Castle’s Annual Herb Day Luncheon: Anise Hyssop

Saturday, May 4th

Herb Day Luncheon
Featured Herb of the Year: Anise Hyssop

11:30 First Seating; 12:20 Presentation; 1:00 Second Seating

Join us as we pay tribute to this intriguing herb in our annual Herb Day Luncheon. Anise hyssop is native to North America, predominantly the Great Plains, where it was originally used by Native Americans for coughs, fevers, and wounds. Bright lavender flowers make it a favorite of gardeners and its licorice, mint flavor is desirable for teas and salads. Along with this herb inspired luncheon, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about herbs during an informative discussion held in our parlor.

$20 per individual; Tickets must be purchased by May 2nd.


Please Note Regarding Your Luncheon Seating:

  • Each seating is for a maximum of 24 participants
  • Each of our 6 tables seat 4 individuals
  • Teas are for ages 8+

When registering with friends…

  • We endeavor to seat you at the table with your desired group during the luncheon, but cannot guarantee this in all cases.
  • Please make sure you and your friend(s) have registered for the same seating (ex. 1st Seating, 2nd Seating)
  • During online checkout or ordering over the phone, please be sure to note your friend(s) name(s) that you wish to sit with.

When registering in groups of 5 or more…

  • Our tables can seat a maximum of 4 individuals
  • When preparing our seating plans we always try to ensure members of your group, not seated at the table of four, will be seated very near the main group.

What do I wear?

  • There’s no formal dress code, but we suggest business casual.

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