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History on Trial for KIDS: Assault at the Capitolium Mound

Monday, February 17th

This session of History on Trial is abbreviated and geared towards a younger audience for students and families.

In June 1864, amid the backdrop of the Civil War, an incident occurred on Fifth Street involving local school boys bullying one of their classmates. On several previous occasions these boys had thrown rocks at a barn near the Capitolium Mound that was the temporary home of their schoolmate. Due to the father’s absence in the army and the family’s destitute condition, the Steed family had nowhere else to turn. After yet another rock throwing incident, a boy named William Dutton was hit by an object and lay injured in the street. Did one of the Steed family retaliate against one of the “gang” or was William an innocent bystander injured by the group? Witness the legal proceedings as tried by modern day lawyers at the Washington County Court House. As a member of the jury, the outcome of the Steed’s case will depend on you!

Time: 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Location: Washington County Courthouse, Courtroom A, 3rd Floor

Cost: $5 Under 18; $10 Age 18+. Reservations Required. Space is Limited.


Washington County Courthouse

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