Virtual Food History Cooking Class: Kleindeutschland Marietta


Monday, September 21st -5:30 – 6:30pm

Washington County’s history has been heavily influence by German-Americans. One major aspect of German influence throughout this community has been through food culture. The history of Marietta’s downtown is rich with German owned restaurants, saloons, markets, bakeries, and butcheries. Over time iconic German cuisine lost its identity as it was absorbed into American culture. Join The Castle and The Cook’s Shop as we prepare classic German street food of bratwurst, sauerkraut, and potato salad. In this virtual cooking class, you’ll be able to learn the key steps to preparing the following menu or you can just enjoy the program as we take what is now American picnic fair back to its German roots and learn some history along the way.

*Please note, this will run like a cooking show where menu items will be demonstrated and aspects of the program will have menu items cooked in stages with some things for the class prepared in advance. We want to give you the knowledge of how to prepare these items within the time frame, which may mean that all attendees may not be able to complete the full menu during the class time, but will have the skills to complete this menu from home either the same evening as the class or whenever they may like to do so. The bratwurst will be for demonstration as noted in its recipe. We’d suggest having this prepared in advance or purchasing already made bratwurst to cook alongside with us. We’d also suggest for the potato salad to have your potatoes peeled, cut, and started to boil by time the class starts at 5:30pm. (See the recipes for additional suggestions.)*

Make-at-home menu includes:

  • Bratwurst from scratch
  • Sauerkraut
  • Warm Potato Salad w. Onion & Bacon

Recipes are included for all the above with ingredient suggestions for an authentic German taste. We’ll be cooking all of these menu items during the program. You are welcome to just watch, to cook some of the items along with us, or to follow along for the whole menu to create a delicious German supper.

Click here to download the recipes

*This meeting may be recorded for future use

*Please note: This will be a Zoom meeting, which gives you the option to have your camera on and to turn off and on your audio. These options will be moderated.

*Following check-out, you’ll be prompted to register for the Zoom meeting. After completing registration, you should receive an email with information on how to log-in to the webinar.



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