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Food History: War Fare

The First World War affected all aspects of American culture, especially our approach to cooking and food, some of which still lingers 100 years later. “Save the Wheat!” drives, “Meatless Mondays”, and victory gardens led to the acceptance of innovative recipes coming out of necessity. While “Over There” American Doughboys experienced new food culture which they brought back to the states. This “War Fare” will be our inspiration for a three course menu exploring the history of WWI accompanied by presentations highlighting Washington County in WWI and the research behind this meal.

The Menu for War Fare Includes
First Course
Cream of Tomato Soup w. Sweet Potato Bread

Second Course
Finnan Haddie (Salted, Smoked White Fish) w. Cream Sauce
Green Beans w. Bacon topped w. Toasted Slivered Almonds

Third Course
War Cake w. Stewed Apples & Prunes

Presentations Include

“Every Spoonful Counts: Wheatless, Meatless, and Sugarless on the Home Front”
By Kyle Yoho, MA – Education Director, The Castle
“Substitution,” “conservation,” and “farm-to-table”are not new trends. They became a necessary part of the American conscious over 100 years ago to help win the war. In this presentation we’ll learn how efforts on the home front helped win the war.

“Food at the Front”
By Cyrus Moore, MA – AmeriCorps, Ohio History Service Corps, OHC
What did American WWI soldiers eat in camp and overseas… and did they really enjoy it? Find out from Historian Cyrus Moore and learn about some of the European food culture brought home by the “doughboys.”

“WWI in the Kitchen”
By Dagmar Kupsche, The Cook’s Shop & Chef David Rudie
Our chefs will discuss the challenges and thought process behind this meal inspired by the centennial of America’s involvement in the First World War.


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